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The Upper Merion Boat Club is located on the Schuylkill River in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, about 15 miles northwest of the famous Philadelphia Boathouse Row.

The section of the Schuylkill River we row is upstream of our boathouse, towards the Route 422 bridge near Valley Forge Park. It is more protected than the lower Schuylkill, leading to lots of beautiful flat water. The typical club row is about 6.5 miles total. Members may row at scheduled club rows
as well as when personally convenient and river conditions permit. A popular time to get out on the water is early morning; some rowers start as early as 5 a.m., catching the sunrise and getting a workout before the workday begins.

The club was chartered in September 1986 and has about 85 active members comprising former high school and college rowers, students home for the summer, and those who took up the sport as adults. Members row for many reasons including fitness, the pleasure of the outdoors, social interaction, technique improvement and competition.
The club is also the proud host and sponsor of the annual King?s Head Regatta.  Now in its 31st year, it attracts a wide variety of clubs, schools and individual competitive rowers. 
Experienced rowers are welcome to check us out by contacting the club.
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Upper Merion Boat Club

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2022 REGATTA NEWS - Regatta day is Sunday September 25, 2022. Registration and Information can be found on Regatta Central.  

2019 REGATTA NEWS - Sunday September 29, 2019. Final Results have been posted on our Regatta page. Thank you to the athletes, coaches and volunteers for making the 2019 King's Head Regatta a success! See you next year!  

2018 REGATTA NEWS - Results have been posted on our Regatta page.  

2018 REGATTA NEWS - Final Heat Sheets have been posted on our Regatta page.  

2018 REGATTA NEWS - Preliminary Heat Sheets have been posted on our Regatta page. Check back for updates!  

2018 REGATTA NEWS - Regatta day Sunday September 30, 2018 is almost here. Don't forget to Register!  

2018 REGATTA NEWS - Save the Date! Mark your calendar for our 32nd Kings Head Regatta on Sunday September 30, 2018!  

2017 REGATTA NEWS - Final Result sheets have been posted on our Regatta page.  

2017 REGATTA NEWS - The 31st Kings Head Regatta is less then a week away. Preliminary Heat Sheets have been posted on our Regatta page.  

2017 REGATTA NEWS - Save the Date! Mark your calendar for our 31st Kings Head Regatta on Sunday September 24th, 2017!  

2016 REGATTA NEWS - Final Results have been Posted on our Regatta page. We want to thank all our participants, spectators, sponsors and volunteers for making our 30th regatta a memorable event.  

2016 REGATTA NEWS - FINAL HEAT SHEETS have been Posted on our Regatta page for Sunday September 25. See you on the water!  

2016 REGATTA NEWS - Preliminary Heat Sheets have been posted our Regatta page for the 30th Kings Head Regatta, Sunday September 25th, 2016.  

REGATTA NEWS - The 30th Kings Head Regatta, Sunday September 25th, 2016 is almost here! Don't miss the event of the season. Registration is OPEN!  

REGATTA NEWS - Save the Date! Mark your calendar for our 30th Kings Head Regatta on Sunday September 25th, 2016!  

REGATTA UPDATE - Final Results have been posted to our Regatta page.  

REGATTA NEWS - Results are posted on our Regatta page. THEY ARE NOT FINAL. Updates will be posted as we review feedback received on some events. Check back for Final results.  

REGATTA NEWS - 29th Annual King's Head Regatta weekend is here. See the Regatta page for Sundays Heat Sheet. Follow the King's Head Regatta on Facebook for all the lastest news.  

REGATTA UPDATE - NEW DATE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20th Due to the Pope's visit and mass in Philadelphia which is expected to overload hotels and transportation for much of the area, the 29th King's Head Regatta will be held Sunday September 20th. See the Regatta page for a special notice and check back for updates.  

IMPORTANT REGATTA NEWS This year's Regatta, our 29th, will be held Sunday, September 27. This is the weekend that Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia. Events (times and places) for the Pope's visit have not been announced. However we do not anticipate any issues as downtown Philadelphia is over 18 miles East of our Boathouse. Please note that HOTEL/MOTEL space will be extremely scarce since 1-2 million visitors are expected for the Pope's visit and associated events. See the Regatta page for a special notice and check back for updates.  

REGATTA NEWS SAVE THE DATE! our 29th annual King's Head Regatta is scheduled for Sunday Sept. 27, 2015. The regatta attracts about 800 competitors in 250 boat entries, from 50 clubs across 6 states. Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created to provide information about the event. 

REGATTA NEWS It's regatta time, Sunday Sept. 28. The Heat Sheets are available on the King's Head Regatta It will be an exciting day with 334 boat entries, from 54 clubs across 7 states.   Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created to provide information about the event. 

REGATTA NEWS our 28th annual King's Head Regatta scheduled for Sunday Sept. 28, 2014 is fast approaching.  Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created to provide information about the event. 

REGATTA NEWS SAVE THE DATE! our 28th annual King's Head Regatta is scheduled for Sunday Sept. 28, 2014. The regatta attracts about 800 competitors in 250 boat entries, from 50 clubs across 6 states. Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created to provide information about the event. 

REGATTA RESULTS: the 2013 King's Head Regatta results are in and are available here. With nearly 1350 participants, this was the club's largest regatta to date.  Despite parking limitations, the regatta proceeded safely and without major delays. Thanks to everyone who helped make the King's Head XXVII an overwhelming success!

MORE REGATTA NEWS: this will be by far the largest King's Head Regatta.  Registrations so far total 339 entries from 60 clubs as far south as Virginia and as far north as St. Catherines, Ontario. It should be an amazing regatta.  Please take note of the parking situation.

SAVE THE DATE! our 27th annual King's Head Regatta is scheduled for Sunday Sept. 29, 2013. The regatta attracts about 800 competitors in 250 boat entries, from 50 clubs across 6 states. Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created to provide information about the event. 

4/6/2013: club rows have begun for 2013. As usual, they will be at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings and at 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The purpose of club rows is to meet new members - any member capable of completing the 6.5 mile course can get in a boat and not be left on the dock.  Club singles will also now be released for use.

3/25/2013:  although the calendar says it is spring, the weather and water temperature refuse to cooperate. The water temperature is currently in the low 40s - rowing of club singles remains restricted until the water temperature rises above 50 degrees.

SPRING ROWER'S BREAKFAST: the second annual Spring Rower?s Breakfast was held on Saturday, March 23rd after a brisk (read that as chilly) 7 a.m. club row. About 25 UMBC members attended this ?kick off to spring? breakfast at Michael?s Deli in King of Prussia. Certificates of accomplishment were awarded to those UMBC members who rowed 1,000 miles or more in 2012.  These members included Carleton Goodnow (1,002 miles), Lee Benham (1,009 miles), Laurie Lawton Smith (1,143 miles), Joe Hartnett (1,296 miles), Cynthia Carolan (1,405 miles), Larry Carolan (1,692 miles), Mark King (2,089 miles) and Terry O?Leary (4,401 miles). In addition, Lee Benham sponsored a crystal trophy for the most senior club member who rows at least 1,000 miles in a calendar year. At 80 years old, Lee herself qualified this year by rowing 1,009 miles.  This is a significant accomplishment and a challenge to other senior rowers to catch her.

NEW BOATS:  two new boats are on the way. The club has ordered a light-weight (115 to 145 pound) single and a mid-weight (145 to 175 pound) single. This will increase the light- and mid-weight singles fleet to two and three boats, respectively.  Delivery is expected in early May.

01/16/13: best wishes to all of our rowers in 2013 for a safe and healthy rowing season. The annual First Row of the Season took place on New Year?s Day. All together there were four boats on the water. This traditional row kicks off the 2013 season and starts many of our rowers on their quest to row 1,000 miles or more over the next 12 months. UMBCCRR acknowledges those rowers who can complete at least 1,000 miles in a year with a certificate of accomplishment.  For those who have not yet attempted this 1,000 mile goal, it is pretty hard to do but very satisfying if you make it.   If you are a UMBCCRR rower who completed at least 1,000 miles in 2012, you should present your mileage (listed in the log book) to the Commodore or other Board Member so you can be included for a certificate acknowledging your accomplishment.  

WINTER ROWING REMINDER: rowing is alive and well during the winter at UMBCCRR.  Boats are in the water nearly every winter morning. If you are interested in some brisk winter rowing, use the Google Group e-mail to either find a seat in an existing boat, or to put together a boat of like-minded winter rowers (caution: early-winter morning rowing is usually done in the dark so an experienced bow person is recommended).   

11/27/12: since winter weather is upon us and the water temperature has remained below 50 degrees, there will be no more rowing of club singles permitted until spring.  Doubles are still permitted but because of the risk of flipping in cold water, rowers are cautioned to carefully consider their skill level. Quads are definitely the boat of choice at this time of year.


COLD-WEATHER ROWING: the end of daylight savings marks the end of Tuesday & Thursday club rows for the season. Saturday & Sunday club rows may still be available to all members until the temperature discourages participation. Please arrive at 6:45 a.m. to be on the water by 7:00 a.m. Members are still welcome to organize boats on their own schedules, and are encouraged to use  Google Group email to confirm participation. Also, members will be notified when the use of club singles is discontinued because of sustained water temperatures below 50 degrees.


EQUIPMENT APPRECIATION DAY: our annual ?Equipment Appreciation? day was held on Saturday May 19, 2012 following the regular club row. Thanks to our club member volunteers who washed, waxed, tightened, repaired, replaced parts and adjusted many of the club boats and oars. In addition, the boathouse got swept out and some river debris was cleared from under the railroad bridge. Thanks again to all of our volunteers.


SUPPORT A ROWING FILM: (from Sarah Megan Thomas, Executive Producer) Backwards, a feature film about rowing, starring James Van Der Beek, Margaret Colin, Glenn Morshower and Sarah Megan Thomas is now complete and ready for distribution.  Rowers, athletes, competitors, romantics, Dawson's Creek lovers out there -- help us create the buzz to get this movie into theatres nationwide!  You can sneak preview the film's official trailer on our Facebook page:
View the trailer. "Like" the film's page on Facebook! Spread the word. The "LIKES" are important as the more Facebook Page "LIKES" the sooner BACKWARDS is in a theatre near you.
03/2/12: the Hudson MW 2X returned from Canada where it was repaired. The boat was damaged during the fall racing season when a truck or boat trailer backed into it while at the Head of the Christina Regatta in Wilmington, Delaware.  The truck/trailer left the scene and our club was left to take on the repair.  The Equipment Committee will inspect and re-rig it to get it back in service as quickly as possible.
 02/27/12: a group of UMBC volunteers led by Ed Kelly reconfigured the singles rack section just inside the entrance door (adjacent to the login desk) over the last two weekends. The area, which previously held only two private 1X boats, can now accommodate five singles and also has space for an unrigged double at the top.  Thanks to Bryan, Pete, Carleton, Laurie, Larry, Mark and to Ed for coordinating the project.
NEW YEAR'S ROW: three quads of intrepid rowers braved the mild 50 degree temperatures to row in the annual UMBC New Year's Row, on a calm river in beautiful conditions. It's not often that the first row of the year occurs under such an ideal situation. The rowers completed the standard six and a half mile loop of the river. The local water-ski club was also finishing up its New Year's ski event -- we just missed having to deal with their wakes.


ANNUAL MEETING AND HOLIDAY PARTY: the annual meeting and holiday party were held on Friday night, December 2nd, and hosted by UMBC member Karen DelRaso. The business portion of the meeting included the election of officers with the following results:


Commodore ? Joe Hartnett

Vice Commodore ? Laurie Lawton-Smith

Treasurer ? Susan Smith

Secretary ? Bill Howard

Members at Large ? Larry Carolan, Ed Kelly and Mark King


After the election, the business portion of the meeting ended and the party portion of the meeting resumed. There was plenty of food provided by the members and there was lots of laughter and good conversations. All together, there were about 30 members in attendance. Our thanks go out to Karen for being our hostess. This is Karen?s third time hosting the event (we didn?t scare her off the first two times) and we certainly appreciate her support of the club.


ASTEROID ROW: seventeen enthusiastic rowers showed up on Tuesday evening, November 8th, for another celestial-event themed row. This time it was Asteroid 2005 YU55 passing fairly close to Earth (198,000 miles). Unfortunately the asteroid was not visible to the eye but the evening was clear and star filled, and the moon was just about full. It was a really beautiful night on the water for the 4 quads and 1 single out there rowing in the dark. Afterwards, all went out for pizza and ?beverages? at Franzone?s in Bridgeport. Thanks to Laurie for coordinating the event and to all the rowers who participated.


BEWARE OF HUNTERS: hunters have been encountered recently near the up-river end of the island. For visibility in the darkness it is extremely important to have both bow and stern lights on and flashing, even if there is some daylight. Hunting is not allowed on the island or the railroad property. If you observe anyone hunting on these properties, hunting boats docked at either property without hunters on board, or hunting boats moving on the river without lights, please phone Officer Krall at the number located in the boathouse.

2011 KING'S HEAD REGATTA: the 2011 regatta results are posted here and on the Regatta Page. Thanks to all who volunteered their time to see that things went smoothly.

HURRICANE IRENE: special thanks to those members who prepared the boathouse for Hurricane Irene as well as those who cleaned up in the aftermath. The USGS data show that the river crested at 80,000 cubic ft per second with a nearly 20 ft gauge height. This was the 4th highest crest on record.


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